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FAGE Total Split Cups: Almost Too Good to Share

Split Cup Too Good to Share

They say the best things in life are better when shared. We couldn’t agree more. But when it comes to sharing a bite of your beloved FAGE Total Split Cup yogurt—even with your closest loved ones—these words of wisdom aren’t so easy to live by.

In this ad campaign, we show relatable moments that test the boundaries of sharing these indulgent, yet balanced cups. Husband vs Wife. Mom vs Son. Daughter vs Mom. Everyone has their heart set on the same thing—the perfect bite of rich, creamy Greek yogurt paired with a blissful burst of their favorite flavor.

Who will win? Who will give in? Will it be a split decision with their split cup? Each scenario creates quite the conundrum for the conscience. Because when every bite is your perfect bite, it’s almost too good to share.


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