FAGE Total Split Cup

FAGE Total Split Cup

Something magical happens when our plain Greek yogurt and fruit or honey come together. You design the perfect bite.

FAGE Total 2% Split Cup

Creamy, low-fat FAGE Total Greek Yogurt with perfectly paired toppings.

FAGE Total 5% Split Cup

Incredibly thick and creamy whole milk Greek yogurt with toppings.
Split Cup The Dip
Split Cup The Pour

Take control of your YUM.


The Dip: Some prefer to delicately dip a spoonful of the creamy yogurt into the sweet topping side.

The Pour: Others like to boldly pour the sweet side into the creamy yogurt and, in one confident scoop, enjoy the perfect pairing of yogurt and sweet fruit or honey.

Both ways are FAGE approved...because there’s more than one way to YUM.