Honey, Orange and Yogurt Trifle

A delectable trifle filled with sweet and citrus flavors


1 homemade or store-bought 8-in diameter sponge cake
1/2 cup Greek honey
3 oranges, segmented with pith and membrane removed
1/4 cup brandy, optional
4 cups orange jelly
2 1/4 cup FAGE Total Greek Yogurt
Fresh mint to garnish

Serves 2
  1. Cut sponge cake in half lengthways; spread each half with honey, then dice.
  2. Place in 1 large glass bowl or 8 individual glasses.
  3. Put orange segments on top of each, drizzle more honey over them and add the brandy.
  4. Pour over orange jelly and set for 4 hours in the fridge.
  5. To serve, spread FAGE Total Greek Yogurt over the top and garnish with mint.